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How to make a ramp cover for your Critter Nation ladder - Model 162 or 161

Sewing tutorial PART 1 can be found at my other web link

Sewing Materials Needed

- Rat Ramp Cover pattern can be downloaded below (scroll down for image).

- or Rat Ramp Cover pattern can be saved from my link below:

- fabric of choice: cut fabric to new size of 6 1/2" wide x 19" long (2 sides)

I chose an animal print in leopard pink & black made out of 100% cotton.

- 2" long velcro
- thread of choice
- sewing machine

This is my sewing tutorial part 2. Enjoy! 


I specifically crafted a new fashionable ramp cover (or ladder cover) with funky prints designed especially for the Midwest Critter Nation rat cages model 162 -- which is the Small Animal Cage Double Unit. If you have the single level (161), my ladder pattern should fit the ladders (or ramps) for this model as well.

Revamp into a new trendy size = 6 1/2" wide x 19"  longSewing machines vary.

For the top stitch length, I used 6.

Bottom thread: I used 4 for smaller stitch length that leaves tighter stitches.

Sew quarter inch seams or smaller (tighter) seams if desired.

HINT: Do not use sticky hooks and loops when it's time to sew on the Velcro! It will stick to your needle and eventually break it in half if too much pressure is applied. Buy the non-sticky. Not the peel and stick velcro on fabric.

In order to make certain the velcro closes as you want it to, you need to have one of each side on opposing ends of the fabric.

NOTE: In the video and in these pictures listed on my website, you will notice I did not use any silk pins. I chose not to pin the fabric sides down.

Sewn with Rat Love by MiLa Kitten

The old cover size was 18 1/8" long x 5 3/8" wide (This is too tight. I received some from the factory that were too tight. Out of 3 ramp covers, 2 were tight and 1 worked out just fine. Therefore, I created my own stylish ramp covers for the ladder itself).

Moreover, the original size is too tight!

Therefore, I created the new size above to compensate for it (original ramp cover) being too TIGHT once you attach the new ramp cover onto the ladder.

I additionally chose the zigzag stitch.

In the process, you will need to cut 2" long velcro strips.

2" velcro strips will be centered at the top fabric.

Velcro basically forms a secure bond that you can open and reclose repeatedly. Simultaneously, it is washable when sewn into place.

Plus,when it is time to do your rats laundry or hand wash the articles, adding an extra 2 inches in custom length makes it easier to open & close when removing it from the ladder.

Because I did not choose slippery fabrics and 100% cotton is easy to use on the sewing machine and by hand, it was not necessary to use silk pins on my custom ladder pattern.

Additionally, the ramp is galvanized welded wire (this has a sharp edge feel on it as you tug to pull the original fabric cover on). Because of this, the factory ones that came with model 162 created a big hassle. This is why I made my own rat ramp covers with more fabric space within the seam areas!

But take a closer rat look!

You can see the difference. And after the rat ladders have been installed with the updated fabric pattern I created to custom fit the new size listed, the difference becomes more remarkable with the passage of time -- especially for your future pet rat sewing decor specifically for Critter Nation Double Unit model 162.

Pretty Edgy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, the ramp edges are sharp, sticky and just plain messy! No fun. Try the new look and feel for your own self! Any beginner sewer can master this easy rat project!

After all, delightful details can make your pet rat's life even lovelier. Plus, you'll make a rat statement!

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You can hand wash as well and hang dry on a line (air dry).
Dry on low.
Wash all rat covers separate from other laundry.

Let your pet rat enjoy!

The ramp covers can be removed and laundered when they are soiled.

NOTE: With the rat cage itself, the original ramp material is made out of powder coated wire with fleece covers that come in the colors of turquoise and blue.

My rat cage needed to sparkle!

Overall, I was not a happy kitten with the original colors. Therefore, I added my own fashion sense that features leopard spots in girly colors of pink and black.

HINT = Do research on fabric types that your pet rat may enjoy. It's best to test out specific materials that you know your pet rat won't mind crawling on.

36" Length x 24" Width x 63" Height
1/2" bar spacing for pet rats
Model 162 is available at

Model 162 is also affordable to buy online at

And there will be magical moments where the laundry will need to be done!

Get the NERD look! Beauty and the brains!

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Sewing tutorial PART 1 can be found at this web link